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Human Resources

Dossier Information

The licensure advancement pathway option of the Professional Development Dossier will no longer be an option for licensure advancement after March 29, 2024.

As a result, teachers will only have two options for Licensure Advancement after March 29, 2024: Advancement Program Level (APL) Micro-credentials and National Board Certification.

Human Resources


The Human Resources office exists to ensure that there is a qualified employee in every position in Gadsden Independent School District so that everyone who touches the life of a child directly, or indirectly, is a person well prepared to do so.

The goal of the Human Resources office is to place and maintain highly qualified faculty and staff and to provide them with the professional support they need in order to serve students.


Estrella Burciaga
Associate Superintendent for Human Resources
(575) 882-6225

Brenda Mejia
Director for Human Resources
(575) 882-6237


Lupita Chavez
Director for Human Resources
(575) 882-6276

Lisa Herrera
HR Credentialist
(575) 882-6235

HR Resources