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Transportation Department

Summary of The Regulation 6.41.4 NMAC

Any employee transporting students in a school-owned vehicle must comply with Regulation 6.41.4 NMAC . No staff member should transport students in their own personal vehicle. A school owned vehicle should NOT be used to transport students To and From school.

The following is a brief summary of the regulation:

  1. Driver must be an employee of the district.
  2. Driver must have a current New Mexico driver's license.
  3. Driver license record will be checked by Transportation Department.
  4. Driver must have a physical examination.
  5. Driver must complete a criminal background check. (When you are hired this is done)
  6. Driver must comply with substance and alcohol testing.
  7. Driver must complete twelve hours of driver training.
  8. Driver must complete First Aid and CPR courses or have current cards.
  9. Driver must complete a Defensive Driver's Course/Reasonable Suspicious.
  10. Driver must complete a Security Training Course (prior to October 1, 2004)

"At the heart of our District is the safety of our passengers and our employees"