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Student Nutrition

Student Nutrition Department


Healthful school meals and nutrition education are available to all students as an integrated part of education.


The purpose of Student Nutrition Program is to advance the availability, quality and an acceptance of school food service and nutrition programs as an integrated part of education.


The Student Nutrition Program has established six goals to be used during the 2013 - 2014 school year to support its strategic plan.

  1. The Student Nutrition Program supports federal, state and district polices for healthful school meals and nutrition education for all students.
  2. The Student Nutrition Program should be recognized as the authority on child nutrition. Provide certification programs which are recognized as the standard competence for individuals in child and school nutrition programs.
  3. The Student Nutrition Program will be the primary source of information for students, parents and community members.
  4. The Student Nutrition Program is helping to alleviate childhood hunger.
  5. The Student Nutrition Program has a consistence high quality workforce.

Contact the Student Nutrition Department

Maria S. Guerra, Student Nutrition Director 



Dino V. Facio , Specialist



Maritza Gonzalez, Bookkeeper / Specialist




Fax 575-882-6779

5235 S. Highway 28, Anthony NM 88021