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Language, Equity, and Cultural Arts

The vision of the GISD Bilingual Department is to foster a culture of collaboration from all stakeholders that advocates and ensures educational equity by creating a learning environment that appreciates linguistic and cultural diversity.


Our mission, through a shared responsibility with administrators, teachers, parents, and the community, is to ensure all Language Learners attain high levels of academic and language proficiency through research-based instructional strategies. Cultural and linguistic diversity is embraced to promote a safe and optimum learning environment.

An image of Nubia Y. Tarazona

Nubia Y. Tarazona

Director of Language, Equity, and Cultural Arts
An image of Karla M. Quesada

Karla M. Quesada

Budget Specialist - Bilingual Education
An image of Claudia Campa

Claudia Campa

Elementary EL Specialist BE, GE, MQE, NVE, STE, VE
An image of Judy Cano

Judy Cano

Elementary Bilingual Specialist CES, DTE, DVE, RSE, SRE, YHE
An image of José Reyes

José Reyes

Elementary Bilingual Specialist AE, LUE, LLE, SPE
An image of Vacancy


Secondary EL Specialist CHS, GHS, STHS, DPA
An image of Esmeralda Sanxter

Esmeralda Sanxter

Secondary Bilingual Specialist AVECHS, CMS, GMS, STMS