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"The GISD Physical Plant Department will provide an optimum learning and working environment through improvement of work efficiency, employee accountability, and constant pursuit of quality for all GISD students and staff." The Physical Plant encompasses five sub departments in Support Services. These are Custodial, Grounds, Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Shop, and the Purchasing Warehouse, totaling about 159 FTE's.


The primary focus should be the day to day housekeeping of the schools. The purchasing and distribution of custodial supplies and equipment is handled including the preparing of bid specs and inventory control. All supply requests are done via the internet (Schooldude). The hiring process for all custodial personnel is run through the custodial supervisor and he is also responsible for the training of all custodians. The custodial department is also responsible for providing support to all after school activities both school and non-school related such as elections and community meetings.


This department's primary function is the maintenance and upkeep of the athletic fields at the secondary schools including marking and lining fields for athletic events. It also provides support to the elementary schools by helping with landscaping projects such as installing sprinkler systems, re-soding of play fields and removal of trees and planting of new trees. Erosion control and maintenance of the drainage ponds and structures is also handled by this department.


This department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all district facilities. The department is already utilizing the PSFA Provided Facility Information Management System (FIMS) for the work order system where all work can be requested via internet (Schooldude). Every work order when completed has time and materials cost and is entered into our database. In addition to corrective type work orders the department has also begun a preventive maintenance program where facility systems and equipment receive preventive maintenance on a scheduled basis to reduce disruption of service, increase equipment life span and even reduce energy consumption since equipment should be running at peak efficiency. The department also does major remodeling and renovations as time and budget allows. These are limited by budget and usually done due to program needs or to improve energy efficiency or improve operations. The collection of equipment data district wide is to totally implement a Preventive Maintenance Program using the FIMS


This department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the districts fleet including heavy equipment, grounds equipment (Mowers, weed eaters, blowers, etc). There are over 100 pieces of major equipment that this department takes care of not including mowers, weed eaters, blowers, chainsaws etc.


The purchasing warehouse receives all instructional supplies, furniture and equipment and distributes to the school sites. This department is also in charge of the district mail system.

Support Services
Jessica S. Herrera
Associate Superintendent for Support Services

Cynthia Maes
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (575) 882-6949
Fax: (575) 882-1408

Physical Plant

Shane Smythe
Physical Plant Director

Irma Suarez
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (575) 882-6903
FAX: (575) 882-2508