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Academic Support Services

An image of Maria Hernandez

Maria Hernandez

Chief Academic Officer
An image of Nicholas Wohlgemuth

Nicholas Wohlgemuth

Director for Secondary Education
An image of Jorge Araujo

Jorge Araujo

Director for Elementary Education
An image of Jed Duggan

Jed Duggan

Director for Student Success
An image of Nubia Tarazona

Nubia Tarazona

Director for Language, Equity, and Cultural Arts

Academic Services

Vision Statement
Working together to create opportunities for students to achieve success in the 21st Century

Mission Statement
The mission of the Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology Department is to facilitate and support a rigorous, equitable, and standards based curriculum which is technology and data driven, and respects diversity and culture. The department will promote a trusting and collaborative environment for all stakeholders. Pedagogical opportunities to integrate content with advanced research and best practices will be provided to achieve positive, academic student outcomes.

Common Core State Standards Overview

Common Core State Standards Overview (Spanish)