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English Learner


Alternative Language Program

(K-12) ELD Model

Federal Law (Title VI) and the State of New Mexico mandate that students identified as English Learners (EL) receive English Language Development (ELD) until proficiency is attained. The NMPED has a list of approved ELD models: a) ELD block and sheltered instruction in content areas (elementary grades only) and Integrated ELD-ELA course and sheltered instruction in content areas (secondary only). GISD reviewed the structures and available supports for each model, looked at its present curriculum needs, and chose the ELD Model to meet the needs of EL students not in the bilingual  Alternative Language Program (ALP). 

This model is for all EL students classified as ED, EO, and BPT. Students will receive alternative language services to attain (Advanced) proficiency level in English; otherwise known as  Reclassified Fluent English Proficient (RFEP) on the New Mexico English Language Proficiency Assessment (ACCESS). 

The ELD model goals are: 

  • All students possess a diverse wealth of prior knowledge based on unique linguistic, cultural, socioeconomic, and experiential backgrounds EL that are worthy of respect.
  • Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are interactive mental processes and are the fundamental skills of all communication.
  • Language and literacy are acquired best in nurturing environments that foster self-confidence, self-respect, and encourage risk-taking.
  • Every teacher is a language teacher and correctly models language in all its forms.  All teachers then, regardless of their assignment, have a professional obligation to help students improve their language skills and attain English proficiency through differentiated instruction of language and content objectives to meet the same challenging state academic standards as all students are expected to meet. 
  • Comply with the district, state, and federal mandates.​​​​​​

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