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Program for the Acquisition of Language


GISD recognizes that a significant number of its newcomer students are identified as having a LOTE and enter school with limited proficiency in English.  Furthermore, the district acknowledges that in order to achieve academic success, these students need both a means to acquire content-related knowledge and a means to achieve proficiency in English. GISD is committed to providing a quality state-approved bilingual-multicultural education program that addresses the language and academic needs, as well as the cultural heritage of each student. The program’s goal is for all bilingual participants to meet academic standards and benchmarks in all subject areas.

The PAL model provides bilingual participants academic concept development in Spanish while successfully acquiring English knowledge and skills through a systematic and conscious instructional approach.  At the middle school level, Spanish is used to assist students in transferring high cognitive skills to English.  At the high school level, English core subjects are introduced into the students’ instructional program through ELD strategies as they acquire academic language proficiency.

Program for the Acquisition of Language (PAL) RESOURCES